Premier Danielle Smith and the United Conservative Party will not increase personal or business taxes if re-elected in the upcoming provincial election. That’s our No Tax Hike Guarantee.

“The best way to support Albertans during difficult economic times is to keep personal and business taxes low,” said Premier Smith. “Higher taxes would only serve to stifle economic growth and reduce job opportunities, making everything less affordable for everyday Albertans.”

Under the UCP government, business taxes were decreased, and a result, businesses flourished and government revenues from business taxes actually increased, allowing us to invest in vital services like healthcare, education, roads and other infrastructure.

The No Tax Hike Guarantee will ensure Albertans, job creators and investors know that under a UCP Government there will be no increase to income taxes or and no provincial sales tax.

“Alberta is without a doubt one of the best places in the world to own and run a business, in no small part to the low tax, business-friendly environment that the UCP government has created,” said Ana Zagorac, owner of Sweet Rhapsody Bakery Café and Patisserie. “With a steady and low corporate tax rate that I can bank on, I can plan for the future and make long-term decisions to ensure my business can keep adding to Alberta’s economy, creating jobs, supporting my community, and keeping this province strong for the next generation. This No Tax Hike commitment means we’ll have more to reinvest in our business, improving the customer experience and ultimately creating more jobs.”

By comparison, the NDP’s high taxes resulted in a record 13 consecutive quarters of people leaving Alberta for other provinces. As one of their 97 hikes to taxes and fees, they increased the business tax by 20 per cent, causing businesses and people to leave Alberta in droves.

While in office, Rachel Notley’s high-tax, anti-business policies led to 183,000 jobs being lost. Instead of fixing the problem, in true NDP fashion, they simply told unemployed Albertans to leave the province to find work elsewhere until things got better. Instead of learning from their mistakes, Notley has doubled down and pledged that if the NDP are elected, they will raise taxes again.

Since coming to office, our UCP government reduced the NDP’s high corporate tax rate of 12% down to 8%, resulting in a record $6.4 billion of corporate tax revenue that helps pay for high-quality healthcare, schools and supports to help Albertans manage inflation. The UCP’s low-taxes have also restored confidence in Alberta and there have been six consecutive quarters of people and businesses moving to Alberta.

“As an Albertan and a small business owner, the UCP should be commended on their initiative to expand the Taxpayer Protection Act to include freezing personal and business taxes,” said Chris Crane, President of Superior Trenching Ltd. “It’s long overdue to finally see a government being responsible and accountable to the people who elected them and act in their best interests.”

“It is the government’s responsibility to operate within its means and provide opportunities for its people and businesses, not increase taxes due to poor management. Albertans and Canadians already face increased tax burdens due to federal incompetence,” Crane said. “Having a provincial government that understands the challenges of Albertans and does what it can to help is a refreshing change of pace for government.”

Moving Alberta forward requires innovative solutions while keeping the needs of Albertans at the forefront of all decisions. A re-elected UCP government will ensure that happens.

By working together, we can build a stronger, more prosperous Alberta that benefits everyone. With our No Tax Hike Guarantee, the United Conservative Party is committed to providing stability to Alberta’s job-creators and taxpayers.

A re-elected UCP government would formalize this pledge by expanding the Taxpayer Protection Act to include personal and business income taxes to ensure no future government could increase income taxes without approval from Albertans in a referendum. The Taxpayer Protection Act already prohibits the introduction of a sales tax without approval from Albertans in a referendum.

United Conservative Leader Danielle Smith has challenged NDP Leader Rachel Notley to make the same pledge to Albertans.

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