A Strategic Plan for Post-Secondary

Alberta's post-secondary system has lacked an integrated and comprehensive strategic plan for more than 15 years. I was proud to lead an extensive engagement and consultation effort to build a new vision for post-secondary education. After over 100 one-on-one interviews, 30 roundtable discussions, 5,600 survey responses, 200 workbook submissions, and six townhalls with post-secondary leaders, students, industry representatives and the general public, I was honoured to introduce Alberta 2030: Building Skills for Jobs.

This new 10yr strategic plan outlines six key pillars that we must focus on to give Alberta students the best opportunities and chances for success. It outlines plans to:

A) Improve access and strengthen the student experience

B) Build Skills for Jobs

C) Strengthen the Commercialization of Research

D) Strengthen Internationalization

E) Improve Affordability and Sustainability and

F) Improve governance

To find out more, check out the link below or watch the announcement: